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World Automated

With Automated Guaranteed you’ll streamline your IO workflow, freeing up your sales staff to focus on revenue development and relationship building.

Your Time is Valuable

—Reclaim it—

Automating your IOs will give you more time for building the relationships that drive business. Responsibility for everything from order configuration and reservation to creative uploads are put in the buyer’s hands while our automated system ensures you’re always in control. This in turn eliminates key obstacles and time syncs that have historically bogged down the IO process. The final product is a process that gives you complete control for significantly less work.


New Opportunities to Monetize

—Highlight Your Best Earning Formats—

Build and promote attractive packages that are ready for buyers to browse and discover. These packages simplify the inventory review process for buyers, while helping you highlight and monetize exciting formats. With Automated Guaranteed we help you spotlight high impact formats such as new mobile, video, and in-stream offerings while offering additional monetization options via audience targeting.

Faster, More Power, Zero Risk

—No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel—

Automated Guaranteed pulls what you need; from tags and banners, to existing packages directly from your ad server. Your existing processes are fully utilized without adding any additional work, risk or structural changes. Your existing direct sales infrastructure remains, and you can simply introduce AG as an additional demand channel. With this seamless integration to the ad server you can manage orders, pull reports, review banners, and manage placements through your existing ad server. Concerned about integrating your existing rate-cards into Automated Guaranteed? Don’t be. The system seamlessly integrates and our team of dedicated support staff are always available to immediately respond to your needs. Want to know if something integrates smoothly? Request a free demo.