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Supply Side Platform

There is a world full of brands lining up to pay top prices for what you have to sell. Our Supply Side Platform (SSP) utilizes real-time bidding to ensure you have a long line of quality advertisers cued and eager to purchase your inventory.

Programmatic Campaigns

—High-Volume Deals with Quality Buyers—

We can integrate our platform directly into your ad server so that you can enter high-quality deals with premium buyers. Through our full-stack solution we deliver a seamless integration with the adwebtising DSP in addition to a wide selection of the world’s largest DSPs and Exchanges. This combination means that our Supply Side Platform supports all programmatic selling models, including open marketplace, private marketplace and guaranteed deals.


Deal Management

—Control the Terms of the Deal—

Our platform lets you control the terms of the deal, so that you never have to worry about brand safety, channel conflict or selling inventory for less than you want. Sales controls, price floors, whitelists and blacklists enable you to control who has access to your inventory, which segments they can purchase, and protects your revenue stream.


Devices & Support

—Full Support for Video and Mobile Inventory—

Utilize our Supply Side Platform to get the best prices possible for your desktop, mobile, in-app, and video inventory. With adwebtising you can integrate your inventory across multiple devices and formats making sure it gets the visibility it deserves, all through a seamless experience that leaves you in control while making your life more straight forward and efficient. With our platform, we bring an endless supply of targeted advertisers and agencies to you through an interface that helps you ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Private Marketplace

—Support All of the Requirements Needed for Campaigns—

Nestled within our Supply Side Platform is a robust Private Marketplace. As a fully integrated component of our full-stack solution, we are able to offer you additional levels of control and safety. Within the Private Marketplace you enjoy all of the benefits of our adwebtising Virtue suite; a collection of tools dedicated to preventing click fraud, improving your overall peace of mind, and halting all malicious behavior in its tracks. With our Private Marketplace you also gain the ability to create exclusive and first-look deals as well as the opportunity to monetize your audience data via seamless integration with our Data Management Platform. Through the Private Marketplace, you will also benefit from the ability to execute any given format, while embracing emerging market trends such as Guaranteed Viewability. The adwebtising Private Marketplace lets you get specific and reach a wide audience for exciting monetization opportunities, all with added peace of mind that lets you focus your attention where it belongs: on your business.