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Rich Media

Support All Rich Media Standards

—and Beyond—

Nothing makes quite an impact like a Rich Media ad. Europe’s top agencies and premium brands value publishers that support them and are willing to pay premium CPMs for inventory. Adwebtising provides the technical expertise you need to support all Rich Media and ad formats in use today, including

all of the IAB Rising Stars, so you can attract top-paying brand campaigns to your site. We’ll even certify your inventory so agencies and brands will have full confidence that their ads will display correctly for your readers, whether they view it online or on a mobile device or tablet.

Multi-Screen Rich Media Campaigns

—More Opportunities to Engage Consumers—

Enable your buyers to target consumers with Rich Media ads on the screens they use most – their smartphones and tablets. Thanks to recent advances in mobile technology – including improved Internet browsing capabilities, swipe and touch, direct links embedded in emails – you can provide our buyers with more opportunities to engage consumers via Rich Media ads.

Dedicated Reporting

—A Suite of Rich Media Ad Performance Reports—

Rich Media goes beyond standard display ads, and so should its reporting. That’s why Adwebtising offers a suite of Rich Media ad performance reports, letting you report engagement rates, percent of the video ad seen, percent of users who watched a video to the end, number of clicks within an ad and much more to your advertisers. You can even create banner heat maps.