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Publisher Edge

Adwebtisng Publisher Edge is our robust solution designed to empower publishers while solving their every-day problems. With these tools at your fingertips you’ll increase efficiency, reduce frustration, improve monetization, and experience the type of across-the-board benefits that can only come from a highly-integrated suite of resources and tools.


—The Perfect Blend—

We deliver a powerful, forward-looking platform that never forgets what your ultimate goal is. Publisher Edge is designed to improve your monetization and to do this:

We aggregate support for the latest devices while specializing in exciting new industry and bespoke formats

We are constantly updating and expanding Adwebtising Virtue, which is committed to fostering a creative and safe marketplace

We deliver maximum user-experience protection for your audience

We are a fully media agnostic platform, which means we’re never in competition with you

We use our Perfect Priority technology to help you get the most from guaranteed and real time bidding

Efficiency and Control

—The Perfect Balance Between Automation and Manual Control—

Publisher Edge has been built, from the ground up, with a special focus on robust forecasting and analytics capabilities that put you in the driver’s seat. We know that sound decision making requires you always have a 360 degree view of what’s going on combined with the ability to act when and where you need to. Part of this is absolute control over what and to whom you’re selling to through services like our DMP. These services don’t just give you a way to monetize your data, they give you a way to package, combine, and enrich that data into something far more valuable than raw data by itself.

Local Service

—Choice Meets Technological Innovation—

Publisher’s markets are changing rapidly. Effective publishers are forced to be nimble and adapt quickly while understanding how to take advantage of the latest technologies. As technology experts our mission is to deliver the technology and expertise which allows publishers to operate with powerful technological tools on par with those developed and run by the world’s largest publishers. We deliver the latest and greatest technologies alongside the ability to choose between highly hands-on A-Z support or a self-driving managed service. From the technical, to the creative, Publisher Edge and our Brand Solutions teams deliver the support you need.