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Programmatic Publisher Ad Server

The Programmatic Published Ad Server is a one-stop solution which allows for the full management of your complete media inventory.  This means mobile and desktop, rich media and video, premium formats – you name it. Our revolutionary platform will give you improved opportunities for monetization, higher efficiency, reduced frustration, and the type of control that makes you more effective.

Consolidated Ad Serving

—One Ad Server for All of Your Needs—

Why use a patchwork of different ad servers? The Programmatic Publisher Ad Server creates one consolidated ad server solution that helps you close the gaps and cross the divide between platforms and devices. The result is better monetization, fewer overlooked opportunities, and a more cohesive inventory management experience. This means you can manage all of your inventory in one place, regardless of if that is mobile, video, desktop, in-app or something else entirely.


Perfect Priority

—The Death of Waterfalls and Passbacks—

With Perfect Priority, guaranteed campaigns and real time bidding compete on every impression. The highest CPM wins while still ensuring that guaranteed commitments are met and that you experience full brand protection at all times. Perfect Priority enables you to cut-out the need for waterfalling and passbacks, making them obsolete and further improving the efficiency and profitability of your inventory.

Powerful Inventory Management

—The Intelligent Overview You Need—

Our robust arsenal for inventory management provides powerful reporting, forecasting, and availability dashboards designed to be intuitive, straight forward, and built to give you the most up-to-date data possible. These resources are designed to provide you an overview where you need it, while still retaining all of the nitty-gritty details required for precise decision making. With these tools in hand you can rest assured that your sales team and ad ops specialists will always know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

Multiscreen & Multi-format

—Endless Potential—

The digital landscape consists of numerous devices and an ever-changing collection of screen formats. PPAS helps you bridge the gap between devices and a complex collection of different accounts and ad servers while ensuring that you maximize the potential of your inventory. With PPAS it doesn’t matter how visitors access your inventory, you’ll have the tools on hand to monetize their traffic, no matter the source.