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Header Bidding

With Header Bidding you, as a publisher, level the playing field while dramatically expanding the demand sources bidding on your inventory.

Wipe Out Waterfalling

—No More Passbacks or Timed-Out Inventory—

Removing passbacks and discrepancies from the equation means that you no longer have to worry about a drawn-out passback process which is unpredictable, adds load time, often results in missed ad serving opportunities and reduced monetization. By forcing demand partners to compete on equal footing, you’re no longer held hostage waiting for each to respond or time-out one at a time before making your decision. Instead, you gain robust increases in available demand and are positioned to better monetize your existing inventory.


—Eliminate Barriers that Stand Between You and Demand—

Header Bidding solves your demand needs by eliminating barriers that would otherwise limit or obscure demand. It does this by simultaneously exposing your inventory to multiple Supply Side Platforms and Exchanges. When you bring all of these demand sources to the table, you ensure that you’re experiencing maximum demand for your inventory which in turn results in you securing true market value for your inventory.


The Programmatic Publisher Ad Server Advantage

—Benefit from Perfect Priority—

With the Adwebtising Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS) the perfect auction becomes a possibility. As one of the only ad servers in the industry that has been specifically designed to work with header bidding, PPAS can radically simplify your header bidding experience.

We do this in two ways: First, PPAS paired with Header Bidding allows you to accept the actual price, instead of having to manually configure and setup price tiers, solving a problem that has plagued header bidding since day one. Second, you gain the advantage of Perfect Priority, allowing you, as a publisher, to automatically evaluate a true auction between open and guaranteed demand before picking the best demand source. These powerful enhancements include industry first functionality made possible by Adwebtising’s open approach that puts you first.