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Data Management Platform

adwebtising’s DMP enables you to monetize your data effectively, increase the value of your inventory, boost your revenue and ensure that all ad content on your site is user-relevant.

We Help You Help Yourself

—Monetize Your Data—

Marketers are willing to pay top prices for exclusive inventory and relevant data. With our DMP you can earn extra revenue by dividing your user data into granular segments, making it extremely valuable to marketers. With so much data available, then why not take full advantage of it?

Make Marketers Choose You

For marketers, knowing exactly where their target audiences spend their time online helps them know where to allocate their marketing budget. By using our DMP, you as a publisher will have the tools available to let marketers know exactly who uses your site, drastically improving the attractiveness of your inventory, enabling you to charge top dollar for your advertising space.

Benefits of adwebtising’s DMP

Create new revenue streams by monetizing your user data

Sell directly to select buyers via our Private Marketplace

Full transparency regarding data transactions

Full control regarding the pricing of your data

Increase your inventory value

Real time data collection ensuring higher CPMs

Increase yield through more targeted ads

Full integration with adwebtising’s DSP for instant demand

You’re the Boss

With adwebtising, everything is on your terms.
You are in full control of what you sell, to whom you sell, and most importantly, at what price you sell.