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World Automated


As our latest addition to our Advertiser Edge platform, our Automated Guaranteed buying option automates every single step of your cross-channel media buying process. Our simple, transparent and effective platform will pave the way for you to ultimately gain large returns on your media investments for cross channel display advertising.

What we solve

—Automate Everything—

The old media planning workflow that you are used to is a slow, convoluted labyrinth of steps that shifts focus from value creation and instead fills your time with unnecessary planning. Automated Guaranteed will allow you to efficiently set up direct, high impact, and video campaigns across both desktop and mobile in minutes instead of days or weeks. On top of all of the improved workflows that Automated Guaranteed offers, our solution stands out from our competitor’s by offering unique capabilities that will strengthen your advertising capabilities even further:

From Automated to Programmatic

—Take Advantage of the Full Stack—

Automated guaranteed significantly boosts the advertising options within Advertiser Edge, as it now gives you endless campaign flexibility, depending on where your target audience is in the sales funnel. Think about it… Raising awareness through high impact campaigns via Automated Guaranteed while retargeting users who interacted with it via our DSP? Get the idea? Yes. You win.


Quality Integrations

—Better Campaigns—

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a wide range of publisher ad servers, with which you have advanced features in regards to tagless trafficking, quality inventory, and setting up flawless campaigns.


Advanced Audience Targeting

—Hit the Target—

We support ALL targeting capabilities available within each publisher’s ad server. This mean that we offer you the chance of reaching the granular audience segment of your choice, instead of simply offering you imprecise “cookie cutter” segmentation, that rarely, if ever works.

Custom pricing & Price negotiations

—Stay in Control—

We offer unique custom pricing, ensuring that your rate-card is updated in real time with custom prices that publishers set specifically for you. No prices in the market are set in stone though, and Adwebtising Automated Guaranteed exclusively enables you to conduct multiple rounds of negotiations with publishers in real time, totally eliminating sluggish workflows that bog down your efficiency.

Client Based Development

—We Listen and Learn—

In order to offer you the best possible service, we are in constant dialogue with top agencies and advertisers to ensure that Automated Guaranteed fulfills your every need. We pride ourselves with constantly striving to improve our system based on user feedback, in able to ensure that our offering is the most efficient of its kind on the market.