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Rich Media

Complete End-to-End Rich Media Platform

—Our Platform Streamlines Rich Media Ad Creation and Management—

Our time saving HTML5 Studio lets creative teams build stunning ads quickly and easily. You can collaborate with clients and get sign-off using the Creative Agency Workspace. Plus, the built-in publisher compliance features, ensure that all ads meet the specifications of the sites on which they’ll appear.

Support for All Rich Media Standards and Beyond

Leverage all Rich Media ad and video formats in use today (including custom ones you’ve developed) as well as IAB Rising Stars. Furthermore, our dedicated team of designers will develop exclusive formats just for you.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

—Rich Media Campaigns—

Target consumers as they go from desktop to smartphone and tablet. Improved Internet-browsing capabilities, swipe and touch, and direct links embedded in emails offer tremendous opportunities for cross-screen Rich Media campaigns.

Video Ads

—We Support All Video Formats—


Dedicated Rich Media Reporting

—A Suite of Rich Media Ad Performance Reports—

Our analytics go way beyond the basics of video and banner impressions, clicks and completion rates. Get the data that’s really important to your clients: engagement rates, engagement times, banner heat maps and how users engaged with a brand.