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Demand Side Platform

Local Data & Targeting

—Zero in on Your Exact Audiences—

Leverage local data premium publishers, as well as first- and third-party demographic and behavioral data.Reach your audience.

Target and retarget by first-party data, third-party data, ISP, location, behavior, context, device and keywords to reach and engage consumers most likely to engage, click or convert – wherever they are in the digital universe.

context, retargeting, cookie list, third-party data, device, keyword

Premium Publishers & Inventory

—Launch Campaigns at Scale—

Carefully screened inventory ensures brand safety. We integrate with global ad exchanges and local premium publishers:
Thanks to that, scale is never an issue.


Creative Forms

—Creativity is the Limit—

Get all campaign data captured and presented on dashboards automatically, including performance and brand-centric metrics.

Our unique cross-screen attribution provides insight into your audience’s buying journeys.

APIs let you export campaign data to the system of your choice.

Cross Device Audience Management

—Target Users, Not Devices—

Cross-Device Audience Management allows you to effectively retarget and reach your users across all of their connected devices. Where old fashioned cookie targeting allowed you to (at best) target users on device or browser, Cross-Device enables you to determine which devices belong to the same user, enabling you to connect with these users irrespective of which of their devices they are using.

Adwebtising Bearskin

—A revolutionary ad-fraud detection system—

Bearskin is a revolutionary ad-fraud detection system that is fully integrated into Adform’s DSP. Bearskin represents our dedication to combatting ad-fraud
in order to ensure the best possible campaign performance for our clients.
Bearskin protects programmatic traders from botnets, ad insertions, re-directs, OS hacking and all other types of fraudulent online behavior.
Using Bearskin will therefore help to ensure that fake clicks and fake impressions are flagged and removed, giving you far more reliable data which
highlights real human traffic and behaviors