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Advertiser Edge

Advertiser Edge is an independent and open full stack ad tech platform for buyers of premium advertising inventory. Our unique platform enables advertisers, trading desks and agencies to reap the benefits of the programmatic era by making digital advertising simple, relevant and rewarding.

Adwebtising Advertiser Edge empowers media buyers by providing a flexible and productive platform to programmatically and transparently target & engage consumers. We offer high impact brand & performance campaigns across all screens and devices at scale, while allowing media buyers to maintain full control and ownership of their data. This provides the perfect framework for optimal media investments and successful budget allocation.

Our Three Pillars of Value

—Meet Your Strategic Business and Marketing Objectives—

Data is the elementary ingredient to any successful campaign. Our Data Management Platform is therefore central to our platform, providing users with critical, actionable and personable insights for the planning, execution and optimization of campaigns.

The trading element of our offering encompasses our Demand Side Platform, Automated Guaranteed, Programmatic Guaranteed and Ad Serving capabilities. Utilizing our unique offerings within Data and Creativity, our trading solutions utilize simplified workflows that enable you to effectively target and retarget your audiences on premium inventory across all of their devices.

Our Creative options enable marketers to woo their audiences with enticing, dynamic, cross-screen and premium ad experiences at scale. With full-service ad production teams available across all of our markets, as well as premium DIY tools at their disposal, we equip adwebtising users with market leading options to create innovative, effective, personalized and impactful formats, while still providing optimum user-experience for consumers.

We Meet Your Every Need

Our rich history of working with the worlds top advertisers and agencies has enabled us to identify a range of essentials that provide our clients with the best possible platform to fulfill their strategic goals. We therefore offer a platform that helps you:

Our Offering

—The World’s Only True Independent Full Stack—

Adwebtising Advertiser Edge is the world’s most productive, empowering and versatile platform for brand display advertising across screens. Our media agnostic platform allows advertisers and agencies to take complete control of their advertising, providing them with market leading ROI and unlimited access to premium inventory & highly creative brand friendly formats at scale.